A Greener lifestyle is something we all must strive for in every walk of life. Sustainable and eco-friendly goals, even in personal care, can go a long way in protecting our planet. Using plastic and paper-based products in bathrooms generates tons of harmful waste daily. With less than half of that waste recycled, it gives rise to vast levels of water, air and land-based pollution. 

With modern technology and the advent of organic bathroom products, our duty as conscious citizens is to make that shift. It could be a significant step toward reducing pollution, building a greener world and fulfilling the sustainable development goals. In this article, let's read about the top 6 useful eco-friendly bathroom products that generate zero waste.  

1.Organic Loofah 

Loofahs are the regular bath and shower accessory we have grown up using. Everyday use of this natural body scrubber for bath exfoliates the skin while eliminating dead cells. Natural and organic bathroom loofahs are now gaining great popularity over the plastic ones available in the market. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, these organic loofahs are made of fibrous plant material. Rather than coloured plastic loofahs, these natural ones are plain white, so they don’t add any undesired pollution to the soil. 

This Natural scrubber for bathing isn’t just great for the environment; a rougher texture exfoliates our skin much better than plastic-made loofahs. These natural ones are biodegradable as they are made from plant fibers. These loofahs don’t end up in landfills; They score high in being affordable, sustainable and multifunctional. 

2.Bamboo Earbuds: Traditional earbuds made from cotton are highly hazardous to the atmosphere. With ‘Go Greener’ as the popular catchword, it is time to say goodbye to them and switch to bamboo earbuds. These are made from natural fibers of the bamboo plant and thus eco-friendly. These bamboo ear sticks, which are 100 percent biodegradable, are also extremely gentle on our skin. There is no chance of them leaving scars or allergies, even for people with sensitive skin. 

Being made of cotton and plant fibers, they are aesthetically appealing. Soft ear swabs can reach narrow spaces and eliminate ear wax more efficiently. They are a perfect alternative to plastic-made earbuds. Being recyclable, they won’t give us the guilt of ending up in oceans and polluting nature. 

3.Organic Towels: Using organic towels can go a long way to keep our planet greener, cleaner and pollution free. They are also made from plant fibers with strict adherence to environmental safety standards. The cotton used is biodegradable and hence adds no harm to the environment. These towels don’t just help to build greener homes but also great skin. 

Traditional towels contain many harmful chemicals and pesticides that can render your skin dry, itchy and even scars. They are especially unsuitable for people with dry and sensitive skin prone to allergies. The natural fiber in cotton towels feels gentle to our skin. They are not just softer in texture but highly durable and affordable. These cotton towels can prove significant for a happy home and healthy skin. 

4.Organic Shampoo Bars: Plastic shampoo bottles used in bathrooms pose a significant challenge to solid and water. They refuse to decompose even after a hundred years. The great green substitute for these hazardous bottles is package-free shampoo bars. They look aesthetic and come in many pleasing scents. Being package free, they are thus totally free from plastic.  They are instead packed in biodegradable and recyclable paper, which adds no environmental waste. 

These shampoo bars are both eco-friendly and travel-friendly as they can be carried wherever one goes. These bars aren’t just better for our surroundings but also much more gentle to one's hair. It is packed with essential oils and minerals; these bars improve hair follicle growth and blood circulation on the scalp and treat itching effectively.  Moreover, they are more aesthetically pleasing in appearance than traditional shampoo bottles. 

5.Organic Bamboo Toothbrush: Bamboo-made organic toothbrushes offer an eco-friendly alternative to their plastic rivals. The plastic toothbrushes commonly used in our bathrooms come with nylon bristles. They need to be replaced after a few months and are non-biodegradable. Being easily decomposable, these bamboo toothbrushes can positively impact our environment. 

The bristles are soft and don’t harm tooth enamel while massaging our gums. They have wave-shaped bristles which cover hard-to-reach places and clean all plaque in our mouths. The bristles are soft and don’t harm tooth enamel while massaging our gums. Bamboo brushes are thus not just eco-friendly and sustainable; they are also more efficient in functioning along with better durability. 

6.Organic Toilet Paper: Bamboo-made toilet paper is 100 percent recyclable and eco-friendly. It releases almost no carbon emission and does not use environmentally hazardous chlorine bleach. Compared to conventional toilet paper responsible for trees' destruction, this one is recyclable. It is also less dangerous to the surroundings as bamboo proliferates and requires less water. It ensures much less pressure on the environment. 

Apart from preventing deforestation and soil pollution, bamboo-made organic toilet paper is better for our skin. It is incredibly soft and gentle on our skin and has a quick water-absorbing ability. Being free from artificial dyes and chemicals, the organic bamboo-made toilet paper prevents skin allergies and scars. On top of that, it doesn’t come with plastic packing. 

You can visit our website as Amala Earth to find a wide range of organic products like best face massage rollers, body scrubbers for baths etc. These six intelligent bathroom product choices can help us reduce, reuse, and recycle environmental waste. They aren’t just eco-friendly but durable and cost-effective also. We must switch over to them and contribute our share towards the planet.